Brand and Media Monitoring in Kuwait

For professional brand and media monitoring services in Kuwait, you can trust 24ieye. A leader in the media monitoring industry, we can track brand mentions across all channels including online, press, broadcast, and social media. As one of the reliable media monitoring companies, 24ieye is focused on promoting and protecting your online reputation for clients in Kuwait, meeting their deadlines.
Brand Monitoring

Our Services

  • Brand Monitoring

    We help to streamline all of your brand’s mentions so you focus your time on responding to important activities based on your needs.
  • Reputation Management

    We implement a combination of strategies to build and maintain a good reputation or repair a negative one.
  • Media Monitoring

    We monitor all mentions, comments, reviews and direct messages, news, comments, discussions, brand product name, and brand hashtags.
  • Social Media Monitoring

    We track and analyse how news and social media think and feel about your brand.
  • Competitor Analysis

    We provide access to in-depth competitor analysis in terms of media and brand monitoring on all industry sectors.
  • VIP Monitoring Services

    We can help with defending the brand reputation of VIP’s and executives, enabling them to rapidly respond to damaging incidents, online threats and impersonation.

Why Choose Us

  • 24/7 proactive monitoring
  • Secure monitoring of diverse data sets
  • End-to-end, fully-managed service
  • Customize the alerts and notification based on the requirements
  • Various formats of customized reports
  • Translation feature helps to translate from any foreign languages to English or Arabic
  • Grid and list views of the mentions
Brand and Media Monitoring in Kuwait

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