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If you run a small local shop or a large company in Saudi Arabia, it is important to get your business onto social media. Social media is an integral part of business marketing strategy. Therefore, while your business is active on social media, you need to track and monitor intently across a wide spectrum of channels for all mentions of your brand. This is where 24ieye can help. 24ieye is a full service brand and media monitoring company providing businesses manage their social risk exposure. We can help with monitoring your brand’s performance, providing informed updates when someone has mentioned you.

Want To Track Your Brand Online? Choose 24ieye

Whether it is small, medium, or large corporations, our services are available to all types of businesses in Saudi Arabia. To help you reach your long term goals and achieve the results you deserve, we have an excellent team of trained professionals to support your needs.
Brand Online

What We Can Monitor

  • Brand mentions
  • Variation of brand name
  • Name of active members
  • Associated hashtags, and so on
Brand Monitor

Our Solutions

  • 01Brand Monitoring
  • 02Social Media Monitoring
  • 03Reputation Management
  • 04Competitor Analysis
  • 05Media Monitoring
  • 06VIP Monitoring

Our Methodology

With 24ieye, clients can enjoy numerous features
  • Track and analyze how news and social media think and feel your brand
  • Effectively capturing and interpreting media coverage
  • Track the source of contents and insights anywhere from the globe
  • Custom results to focus on what is most important
  • Filter based on date, mention source, sentiment, number of visits, and many more
  • Create and save searches across news and social media using the keywords that relate to the brand.
  • Build interactive, shareable dashboards showcasing high-level trends that highlight the brand health over time.
  • The dashboard is designed to deliver a quick snapshot of everything that’s provided with the social media profiles —
    • Mentions
    • Summary
    • Analysis
    • Sources
    • Quotes
    • Comparison, and much more.
  • Customize the dashboards based on the specifications.
  • Customize the alerts and notification based on the requirements
  • Various formats of customized reports: Excel, Email, PDF, Infographics
  • Translation feature helps to translate from any foreign languages to English or Arabic
  • Grid and list views of the mentions

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